Saturday, December 15, 2012

Inspiracion / Inspiration

Arboles de madera / Wooden trees

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   Me encantan estos arboles de navidad, por su sencillez y versatilidad. Pueden ser sofisticados, divertidos, rusticos o modernos. Estas vacaciones intentaremos hacer uno.

   I love these christmas trees, they are simple and versatile. they can be sophisticated, fun, rustic or modern. We'll try to make one these holidays.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Andaina / Hike

   La semana pasada fui a mi primera andaina. Una andaina es una caminata organizada y larga, de varios kilómetros (entre 5 y  25 km),  a la que asisten cientos de personas y que transcurre por rutas de senderismo  entre bosques y pueblos pintorescos de toda Galicia. Esta era en Cortegada,Ourense, el primer tramo por la orilla del río fue espectacular y aunque la subida fue muy dura (mi cuerpo esta entumecido por falta de ejercicio...) estoy deseando apuntarme a otra!
   Que mejor forma de pasar el día que disfrutando de la naturaleza y la familia!

  Last week I went to my first andaina, it is an organised and quite long hike with numerous participants that takes you through forests trails and quaint villages around Galicia. This one was in Cortegada, Ourense, the first stretch along the riverbank was spectacular and even though the way up was really hard for me, I'm looking forward to the next one!
   what better way of expending the day that enjoying Nature and family!

Con mis primos esperando la salida

Las escaleras mortales!!!

Antiguo balneario de Cortegada

Monday, October 22, 2012

Decoración otoñal / Fall decoration

  El Carballo, el roble de Galicia, era el arbol sagrado de los celtas, simbolo de fuerza y fuente de inspiración para los druidas. A nosotros nos ha servido de inspiración para dar la bienvenida al otoño con manualidades en la mesa del jardín. 

  Carballo, oak from Galicia, was a sacred tree for the celts, symbol of strength and source of inspiration for druids. It has inspired us to welcome autumn with some crafts.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cortacesped ecologico / Ecofriendly lawnmower

Nuestros vecinos tienen un cortacésped ecológico y nos lo han prestado para el jardín. ademas de cortar la hierba abona el terreno y a que es mona?

Our neighbours own an ecofriendly lawnmower and they brought her to our garden, cuts the grass and fertilises the soil and she is so cute!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Memorias de verano/ Summer memories

   El otoño ya esta aquí con su colorido , su olor a hojas secas y tierra mojada, sus días cada vez mas pequeños y sus noches mas frías . En el campo el cambio de estación se vive en primera fila y aun así me ha cogido por sorpresa, ha sido un cambio tan sutil como brusco,si esto es posible...

      Ahora toca almacenar las memorias del verano y planear la nueva estación: Magosto,  Halloween, manualidades,  lego y juegos dentro de casa. Yo ya he empezado a hacer mermeladas y membrillo para regalar a la familia.

      Autumn is here with its colours, it smells of dry leaves and damp earth, the days getting shorter and the nights colder. Here in the countryside you watch the change of season from the front row but I was still surprised, It's been subtle and sudden at the same time, is this possible?

       Now it's time to keep the memories from the summer and start planning the new season: chestnuts, Halloween, crafts, lego and indoor games. I've already started  making preserves to use as gifts for the family.

Aprendio a andar en bici
He learn to ride a bike
Jugó con sus primos en el jardin
                            He played with his cousins in the garden
Y corrió kilometros y kilometros...
and he run miles and miles...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Country flavours

       I love living in a village, you can find all sorts of goodies on your doorstep (literally!), apples, plums, figs, fresh eggs and of course the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and herbs we watched grow from seeds to plants. 
From this :

To this :

Friday, July 27, 2012

one year

          A year ago I was sad because I was coming back to my parents home and my dad wasn't there... I was leaving my life in bustling London for a much quieter existence in a small town in northern Spain, dragging with me a four year old and a very generous husband, but I was satisfied and happy I was going to spend time with my mum and she was going to enjoy her grandson every day... So many breakfasts, baths, games, stories, laughs...

    A year ago I was told my mum had an aggressive type of cancer and my world was turned upside down. After six months full of horror and sadness She is not here now, He is not here now... I sleep on their bed, sit on their chairs, use their towels, their plates, water their plants...this house is all it's left from them, perfumed scarves, handwritten notes, hairs on hairbrushes, things that won't let me forget, I like to imagine they are still here, can you feel "hugged" by a house? I do.

       It's a strange feeling to be an only child and loose both your parents, like you are left behind, abandoned, alone, even if there are cousins and aunties I love with all my heart.Of course I knew this would happen one day, and I've been preparing myself for it since I was old enough to realise that my parents were not young when they had me, but guess what, I was not ready! What a waste of time and energy!

     Now it's time to get up and walk again, slowly. It's time to Choose Joy and the house is going to help me, it means new projects, a lot of paint, and hopefully a lot of sewing and crafting! So one day, when we are not here, our son can sit on my chair and water his dad's plants and feel "hugged" whenever he wants.
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