Saturday, February 23, 2013

Otro florero / Another vase

   En casa siempre tenemos botes vacios de queso turco. Nos sirven para transportar coches 
(de juguete, claro!), guardamos pilas que seran recicladas, hemos hecho edificios... pero nunca pense en usarlos de florero porque no es un envase muy atractivo. Queda mucho mas bonito cubriendolo con la manga de un jersey que ya no me sirve (con la ropa que ya no me sirve podria hacer floreros para toda España...!).

   We have lots of empty turkish cheese containers. We've used them to transport cars (toy cars!), we keep batteries for recycling, we've made buildings with them... but since it's not a very attractive container I never used them as vases. It looks much better covered with a sleeve from a jumper that doesn't fit me anymore (I coul make vases for everybody in Spain with all the clothes that don't fit me anymore...!)


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